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Job Posting

SSM Team Lead – JB0112

Job Type: Permanent - Full Time
Hours per Week: 40
Start Date: 2023-01-23

Salary: TBD
Location: Calgary Area/Region

CAPSH is looking for a full time Team Lead to join our team at Stepping Stone Manor.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and passionate individual who is experienced in supporting populations at risk of or transitioning from homelessness, experiencing mental health, addictions, disability, or other barriers and a demonstrated willingness to learn. The successful candidate will be a strong and effective communicator with demonstrated ability to work well within a fast paced team environment, possess leadership qualities, and can respond effectively to crises.

This position will be a 4 on / 4 off rotation schedule, with shifts going from 12pm (noon) until 12am (midnight) with expected availability on-call.

The Team Lead role maintains service delivery based on the values inherent in CASS’s purpose statement, CASS’s values, the principles of cultural proficiency, the tenets of harm reduction, and the housing first philosophy.  The Team Lead works in conjunction with the Program Coordinator to meet the mandate of CAPSH and ensure service delivery quality. The Team Lead ensures best practices are implemented in the provision of support and advocacy, including homelessness prevention, housing stability, goal attainment and increased independence.

The Team Lead is responsible for assisting the Program Coordinator with overseeing all staff and ensuring that the case management and direct support worker team is functioning as a unit, and able to fulfill their responsibilities to the tenants in an efficient and well-supported manner. The Team Lead provides mentorship and guidance to the case management and direct support worker team in regards to understanding roles and responsibilities.

This position also works directly with clients; providing case management services, advocating on behalf of tenants, and engage with clients to foster independence.

Key Responsibilities to:

• Delivering client-centered support services following a “housing first,” and “client directed” philosophy to tenants, as part of a dedicated team
• Following prescribed policies and procedures associated with the landlord
• Advocate on behalf of tenants with community agencies
• Ability to work with and serve a diverse population. Demonstrated respect and appreciation for diversity based on race, class, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and gender presentation
• Ability to work with a highly diverse group of clients, co-workers, and colleagues
• Provide support and guidance to staff to foster communication and teamwork
• Maintain quality of services delivered, by ensuring adherence to policies and procedures as required, ensuring tenants are all held to the same standard and receive individualized supports
• Provide case management support and guidance to staff and help to foster communication and teamwork through overseeing, and being part of, the case management process, ensuring completion of case management within a timely manner
• Prepare, document, implement, monitor, and evaluate personalized support plans with assigned tenants and provide leadership to Case Managers in this regard
• Work closely with Case Managers to identify potential problems and consult with leadership regarding any challenges
• Liaise with the Program Coordinator and / or Program Director (CEO) to address challenges within the program
• Provide input to Program Coordinator, Case Managers, and other professionals for the development of appropriate program plans
• Model and mentor in the area of professional boundaries towards tenants, colleagues, and external stakeholders
• Monitor tenant physical, mental health and addiction issues to better provide coaching, mentoring and support
• Promote harm reduction and positive change with respect to addictions, substance abuse, and other potentially harmful behavior
• Recognize, analyze and respond to potential emergencies such as aggressive/anti-social behaviours to ensure no harm comes to the tenant, the staff, other tenants or the public, utilizing conflict resolution and de-escalation strategies
• Encourage and facilitate tenant participation in decision-making regarding housing and goal setting
• Mentor staff in navigation of additional support services for health and wellness, and address mental health substance abuse issues, medication management and any other risk factors that could impede maintaining permanent housing for tenants
• Assist tenants with financial management including coordinating with the landlord
• Connect tenants to services offered in house at Stepping Stone Manor or within the community for low-cost household items, clothing banks, and related services
• Contribute to the evaluation of tenants’ progress and preparing related reports
• Liaise with community resources, as needed
• Coordinate essential services for tenants, in conjunction with the Case Managers
• Advocate for tenants who may feel challenged with discrimination in the community
• Provide transition support for tenants moving out, and assist in welcoming new referrals
• Liaise with landlord to address day to day maintenance issues and concerns related to eviction

• Attend agency and external meetings as requested by Program Coordinator
• Represent CASS and the CAPSH program in a highly professional manner with internal and external stakeholders
• Mediate between tenants and property management with tenancy problems as they arise, problem-solving and coordinating with the property management team where tenant rent arrears, room maintenance, or cleanliness issues become problematic and result in the threat of eviction
• Assist tenants in maintaining their housing arrangement and in resolving crises as well as in processing lease agreements as per landlord requirements
• Assist tenants with housing-related documentation, such as the completion of annual rent reviews and third-party payments
• Work closely with Property Manager and Liaison in resolution of various tenant issues and challenges
• Ensure payment for rent and past due rent where applicable
• Address and meet staff need, so they can better meet tenant needs
• Responsibilities related to staffing (in conjunction and close collaboration with Program Coordinator):
– Acting as on-call during their rotation to provide crisis support to staff, and to fulfill the duties of the Direct Support Worker when there is insufficient staffing due to staff illness or                 absence
– Providing support and crisis debriefing to staff, particularly after response to a crisis or incident or an emotionally demanding event
– Providing guidance and mentorship to Direct Support Workers and Case Managers
The following responsibilities, related to staffing, are TEMPORARY up until the anticipated date of August 31, 2023
– Recruitment and retention, determining staffing needs
– Scheduling and ensuring appropriate staffing levels (filling in as needed)
– Completion of performance reviews within required timelines
– Ensuring staff complete required documentation and submit appropriately (i.e., timesheets, absence requests, reports, etc.)
– Ensuring staff complete training requirements and are registered for required training
• Complete monthly reports and tasks in the required timeline
• Maintain reports such as statistics, logbooks, and tenant daily activity records
• Work closely with, and communicating with Program Coordinator, alerting Program Coordinator promptly regarding incidents, critical incident reporting, etc.
• Prepare Incident Reports and Hazard Reports for staff follow through and Program Coordinator attention
• Make recommendations in the development of protocols, policies, procedures, and proposals
• Perform day to day tasks as directed by the Program Coordinator
• Perform light cleaning and maintenance duties as required
• Maintain frequent and regular communication with Program Coordinator, Direct Support Workers, external professionals, etc.
• Understand and adhere to CASS Policies & Procedures and program-specific expectations as defined in the Program Operations Manual
• Knowledge of and adherence to CASS health and safety policies, procedures and strategies for implementation, Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation and policies and other health and safety directives. Alert other Team Lead(s) and Program Coordinator to potential hazards and safety concerns. Play an active role in promoting health and safety of staff and colleagues
• Utilize a team approach to resolve issues where all stakeholders are a part of the decision-making process
• Collaborate and work closely, and in constant communication, with other Team Lead(s) to meet responsibilities
• Ensure required supplies are ordered, purchased and readily available for the building – complete monthly expense submission, as pre-approved by Program Coordinator
• Assisting with special events
• Participate in case consultation on case-specific connection needs and resources
• Assess issues daily and recommend possible solutions

• Fast-paced, high volume of work and time pressures
• Flexible and rotational work scheduling
• Exposure to emotionally demanding and stressful situations
• Possible violent and aggressive behavior of tenants or visitors
• Preventing and limiting the spread of communicable diseases
• Understanding of public and community expectations
• Appreciation of grief and loss issues is an essential requirement for this position
• Nature of the work is primarily service-oriented and focused on the tenants
• Volatile work environment due to tenant and community surroundings
• Respond professionally to possible violent and aggressive behavior of tenants or visitors
• Maintain a positive workplace culture at all times, including during demanding and stressful situations
• Consistent, fair, and equitable implementation of workplace procedures (i.e., guest management policies)
• Model and demonstrate CASS values in all interactions with tenants, staff, and community members
• Demonstrate respect and collaboration with all internal and external stakeholders
• Demonstrate an ability and willingness to give and receive honest, balanced feedback

Key knowledge and responsibilities include:

  • Provide strong team guidance and be able to work with and support a diverse group of staff to ensure staff cohesion as well as foster staff independence in their work
  • Demonstrated knowledge of substance abuse problems, homeless programs, and mental health services within the Calgary region
  • Candidates must have demonstrated knowledge of case management principles and intervention techniques specific to hard-to-reach, difficult to serve populations.
  • Must be a highly motivated self-starter, and have the ability to relate to a diverse group of people including clients, community and other staff
  • Knowledge of the psychosocial rehabilitation model
  • Demonstrated ability to manage and balance role responsibilities and interpersonal dynamics in a fast paced, diverse high-pressure environment
  • Strong supervisory and mentorship skills
  • Demonstrated clear professional boundaries, and inter-personal skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional ability to multi-task and excellent organizational skills
  • Working knowledge of Trauma Informed, Harm Reduction, Housing First theory and practice and Critical Time Management
  • Proficient in MS Office programs including Word and Excel
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Ability to approach situations with positivity
  • Ability to mediate and negotiate difficult situations
  • Ability to manage time and stress effectively
  • Strong de-escalation and conflict management skills

Required Education:

Diploma or equivalent experience in Disability Studies

Required Training:

CASS requires that all employees, sub-contractors, practicum students, and volunteers are current in the following training: (must be completed within the outlined days from hire date)

 Within 10 days of working with clients

  • Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Check to be provided within 60 days of hire – Responsibility of the employee to provide the original police check or receipt to show proof of initiating the police check must be provided to CASS Human Resources by the end of the first day of employment. Police Information Checks must be renewed every three (3) years
  • Emergency First Aid – Level A CPR & AED – Found through AHS certified partner (expires every 3 years)
  • Review Calgary’s 10-year Plan to End Homelessness, including Aboriginal Plan to End Homelessness, Youth Plan to End Homelessness, Homeless Charter of Rights*
  • Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)
  • Protection of Persons in Care Act (PPCA)
  • Case Management for Ending Homelessness Standards of Practice
  • Practice model utilized within the program*
  • Introduction to the individuals being served within the CHSSC
  • Introduction/overview to strategies and techniques used to engage with clients
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) Training
  • Statement of Confidentiality

Within 60 days of hire date

  • Read the CASS Policy and Procedures Manual and sign a “Confirmation of Understanding of the Policy and Procedures Manual” (must be renewed each time the CASS Policy & Procedures Manual is updated)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers (Alberta)*
  • Using a Fire Extinguisher Training
  • WHMIS 2015 Training
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment – Online training offered at CASS
  • Crisis Prevention & Intervention (CPI) training – Courses offered at CASS (expires every 3 years)
  • Covid-19 Employee Health and Safety Training – Online training offered at CASS
  • Read the CAPSH Operations Manual*
  • Read the CAPSH Code of Ethics*
  • Harm Reduction & Naloxone Training

Within 90 days of hire date

  • Motivational Interview Training – may be met through existing education
  • Mental Health First Aid – offered at CASS or other
  • Case Management for Ending Homelessness Standards of Practice
  • HMIS Training
  • ART Report Training
  • Trauma Informed Leadership Training
  • Harm Reduction Training
  • Boundaries Training

Within 6 months of hire date

  • Disease Education and Prevention/Harm Reduction equivalent (expires every 3 years)
  • Suicide Assessment and Intervention Training (expires every 3 years)

Within 9 months of hire date

  • Complete 6 hours of training/orientation in Cultural Sensitivity/Diversity
  • Complete 6 hours of training in Aboriginal Awareness Training (expires annually)

Within 2 years of hire date

  • Complete 4 hours of training/orientation in Cultural Sensitivity/Diversity (expires annually)


Experience supporting individuals with mental health and addictions issues.

Other Requirements:

Understanding of Harm Reduction and the Person Centered Service Model

Should there be a match with your qualifications and available vacancies, you will be contacted by a hiring manager. We do not provide individual applicants with updates unless you have been selected to go through the interview process.

How to apply?

Please email your resume and cover letter to: and include your First Name, Last Name and Job Reference number in the subject line.

If you have been referred by an existing CASS staff member, please indicate who referred you in your cover letter so that you can both benefit from our referral program.

Alternative ways to submit your resume:
Fax: 403.283.0691
Mail: Calgary Alternative Support Services Attn: Jobs at CASS;
Suite 310 - 525 28th Street SE Calgary Alberta, T2A 6W9

Only applicants suitable for the role will be contacted. No phone calls please.