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CASS 2019-2020 Strategic Plan

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The CASS Senior Leadership Team held a three day strategic planning session in January where we identified five strategic objectives which we will focus our efforts on over the next year.

These strategic objectives were arrived at based on the input provided by various departments/programs, committees, staff, clients and other stakeholders. Your input was critical in the development of this plan and the achievement of these objectives will be reliant upon the continued input and participation of all of our stakeholders.

The CASS Senior Leadership Team has also further developed and ratified our Job Descriptions and Terms of Reference in order to better guide our governance model.

The CASS Senior Leadership Team is excited to share this developing work not just with everyone who works for CASS but with all of our many stakeholders. We look forward to working with you towards these objectives over the coming year.

We encourage you to review these documents and welcome any thoughts or comments that you might have. You can share your input by sending an email to

CASS 2019-2020 Strategic Plan (1272KB PDF)

CASS SLT Terms of Reference - V1.4 (586KB PDF)

CASS Job Description - Director - Senior Leadership Team Member - V1.0 (612KB PDF)