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New CASS Program - Welcome Stepping Stone Manor!!!

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Dear CASS Staff,

On behalf of the CASS Senior Leadership Team, I am happy to send out the following announcement of a new CASS program.

Calgary Alternative Support Services is proud to welcome the addition of Stepping Stone Manor to our CASS community. Effective April 1, 2018, Stepping Stone Manor joins CASS in our mission towards facilitating connections and opportunities that promote personal development and inclusive communities.

Stepping Stone Manor represented the first success of the Calgary Homeless Foundation's (CHF) innovative RESOLVE Campaign - a partnership between the CHF and a number of Calgary home builders including Cedarglen Living - the builder of Stepping Stone Manor.

This permanent supportive housing project which supports people with a history of chronic or episodic homelessness meets the CASS mandate of supporting people to have greater overall well-being through housing, employment, life skills development, community involvement and opportunities to develop social networks and engage in valued roles in their communities.

We enthusiastically welcome Stepping Stone Manor, its staff and tenants to the CASS community!

To learn more about the history of Stepping Stone Manor, click on the links below.

Initial Project Announcement - Resolve Campaign Video - April 28, 2014
Calgary Homeless Foundation Announcement - CHF Article - March 9, 2016
Resolve Campaign Building Completed - Calgary Herald Article - March 12, 2016
Building Opening - Global News Video - June 28, 2016