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Voter Information: YYC 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Bid Plebiscite (direct vote)

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Hi Everyone, 

On November 13th, Calgarians will have a chance to vote in a non-binding plebiscite (a direct vote about an important issue) so that the City of Calgary can see if there is support for hosting the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter games.

The non-binding part of this vote means that they are just looking to see if there is support- this vote will not decide the fate of Calgary’s bid for the games. Some of the reasons for this are: Even if Calgarians want the games, there may be things in the way of Calgary bidding to be a host City, and if Calgarians don’t want the games, there may be things that change before the bid that would make the opportunity more appealing. Let the City of Calgary know what you want, so that it can help inform this big decision!

There is some important information about the voting process--

Access Calgary: for voting day, Access Calgary will allow a 30 minute turnaround time to polling stations (Regular turnaround time between drop off and pickup is 1 hour). You can request more time than this, but there is now an option for quick turnaround on election days. If you get to your polling station and you think you need more time than you have booked, please call Access Calgary at (403) 537-7777 and cancel your pick up so that you don’t have to leave early without voting. You will be waitlisted for the next available trip. Access Calgary cannot guarantee pickups on that short notice, but they are aware that this is important and are working to make voting accessible for their users.  You can start booking your trips for voting day on Friday November 9. Please note that Access Calgary’s bookings line will be closed on Sunday November 11th for Remembrance Day. Trips for voting will need to be booked by 1 pm on Monday, November 12.

To find your polling station or to get more information about the voting process for this plebiscite, you can go to . For specific questions that you can’t find the answers to online, please call the elections office at (403) 476-4100.

What happens when I get to my polling station?

Your experience may not go exactly the way it has been described below, but in general you can expect:


  1.     When you enter your polling station an elections worker will ask to see your ID to make sure you are at the right place, and direct you to line up to get your ballot.
  2.    When you get your ballot, you can ask this elections worker questions, and make accessibility requests.
  3.     You will go to the voting booth, and fill in your ballot. The ballots for this plebiscite only have two options, and you will need to fill in the option that you want by filling in the bubble completely.
  4.    From here, you will go to deposit your ballot in a machine that will read and count your vote. It’s a lot like a “scantron” machine, so make sure that you have filled the bubble in completely and not jut marked an “X”, as you may be used to doing.


Accessibility issues:

Not all polling stations are wheelchair accessible, or they may have other barriers to accessibility.   However, if your polling station does not meet your accessibility needs, you can still vote at you polling station! You can either send someone in for you to request that election workers come outside to you to bring your ballot, or you can call the election office at (403) 476-4100 and they will contact the polling station to send election workers out to you with your ballot. If you are wondering about your polling station, please call (403) 476-4100 to ask about the accessibility of your particular location before you go. Please call as early as possible, they will be very busy on voting day.  You can find out where your polling station is by going to

Will people who need support to mark their ballot be able to get that support? Yes. You can ask someone that you trust to come into the voting booth with you to help you read, understand, and/or mark your ballot.

Mail in ballots- requests are due by noon on the 13th. Call (403) 476-4100 to request yours. The earlier you make your request the better.

Accessible ballot marking devices? They are only available at advance polling stations, not on the  November 13 voting day. However, on voting day you will be able to bring someone that you trust to come into the voting booth with you to help you read, understand, and/or mark your ballot.

Can you describe the accessible ballot marking devices? Paddle board, braille, “sip & puff”.

There will be polling stations in hospitals and long-term care facilities.