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CASS recognizes that the people we employ are our single greatest asset. We endeavour to recruit and mentor human service professionals with talent and commitment for disability advocacy and community engagement.

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Why work for CASS?

Why we do it:

Calgary Alternative Support Services Inc. (CASS) was founded in 1988 to address the segregation, isolation, and limited opportunities available to people with disabilities. CASS enlists and develops human services professionals to support people to discover and contribute their unique strengths and talents. Our work is about making community connections. Whether it’s finding a place to live, getting a job, or connecting with opportunities for participation and learning, CASS serves people and helps to make the community accessible to everyone.

Through the opportunities and connections that CASS facilitates, citizen advocacy for diversity and inclusion is inspired. This is how CASS and the people we support strengthen the community.

CASS facilitates connections and opportunities that promote personal development and inclusive communities. CASS is committed to building diverse and inclusive communities where all members are engaged and valued.

What we’re looking for:

All the support we provide is customized to meet the needs of the individuals we serve. We look to hire individuals who are dedicated, compassionate, creative, and positive.

Your dedication and compassion provides individuals with the ability to live and participate in the community on their terms allowing for consistent and long-term support.
Your creative approach to day-to-day recreational activities and personal care supports individuals to discover and contribute their unique strengths and talents.
Your positive person-centered support to youth and adults with disabilities or barriers allows for greater overall well-being through housing, employment, life skills development, community involvement, and opportunities to develop social networks and engage in the valued role of their communities.

Why work for us:

Workplace diversity at CASS means a supportive, harmonious, and respectful environment because we recognize, welcome, and embrace our differences.

The field of human services provides meaningful work. What you do has a purpose, and you know it directly impacts and contributes to an individual’s well-being while supporting the development of more inclusive communities which benefit everyone. You will also benefit from a hands-on Senior Leadership Team with over 100 years of collective experience in the human services field that is committed to the well-being of staff and the individuals we support.

As a not-for-profit agency, we offer competitive wages within our field with additional perks:
• Professional development and career advancement opportunities
• Comprehensive benefits package which is paid for in part by CASS
• Employee & Family Assistance Program
• 12 ‘Paid Personal Days’ per year for all regularly scheduled staff
• Three (3) weeks paid vacation to start with an extra week at the 5 and 10 year anniversaries
• Voluntary Employee RRSP Program
• A workplace culture of creativity, innovation, and collaboration
• Stable long term employment

Highlights from a recent Employee Engagement Survey
• 92% of staff report that they are proud to work at CASS
• 97% of staff report that the work they do is meaningful and provides a sense of personal satisfaction
• 89% of staff report that their colleagues are supportive of the work that they do
• 91% of staff report that their job motivates them to do their best every day

You can read more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our Diversity & Inclusion Statement.

Staff Satisfaction Survey Comments

How would you describe CASS?

A collective of people who help each other to build community and connections through inclusion, support and information sharing.

CASS is more than just a place to work. It is a place where people are sincere in listening, and helping people achieve their goals. It is a community, where we are supported and cared for by one another. This is a place where growth is possible, and people can learn.

CASS is an excellent leader in supporting and enhancing the lives of people with disabilities due to our passion towards client directed services and human rights.

Great place to work. My coordinators are amazing. The work culture in CASS is really great.

CASS supports adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges in areas of employment, residential and home living, community access, and money management.

A community of people supporting people to have the lives they want and deserve.