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Calgary Alternative Employment Services

CAES assists job-seekers to overcome barriers, understand workplace culture and fill the personnel needs of inclusive employers in Calgary.

CAES works with each client to identify their ideal work setting and employment support needs. Job interviews and employment placement are facilitated in accordance with the client’s goals. We then provide ongoing follow-up support to both the client and the employer in order to strengthen their skills and working relationship as well as ensure job satisfaction and retention.

What do we offer?

  • Career Exploration / Goal Identification
  • Career Counseling / Action Plans
  • Resume Development
  • Interview Skill Development
  • Supported Job Search / Placement
  • Job Coaching & Job Retention Support
  • Employability Workshops


CAES has partnered with the Canadian Association for Supported Employment to facilitate their MentorAbility program in Alberta. MentorAbility is a national supported employment initiative that provides an opportunity for education and awareness to be shared between employers, and people with disabilities in communities large and small, throughout all Canadian provinces and territories.

The goals of the program are:

  • To enhance employment opportunities for people with disabilities
  • To promote disability as a central component of diversity recruitment
  • To dispel employers’ fears about hiring people with disabilities
  • To increase confidence among students and job seekers with disabilities
  • To launch a year-round effort to foster mentoring opportunities

Contact Details

Program Director
Mylaine Tsaprailis

Phone: 403.283.0611
Fax: 403.283.0691

Assistant Program Coordinator
Sarah L Clark
Phone: 403.283.0611 Ext. 572

Email us using our contact form.

Sarah L Clark & Shawna Yalte

We welcome new clients on an ongoing basis. Please fill out our Referral Form and submit it to

Services & Resources for Employers


What kind of jobs do we find our clients?

All job searches are client directed based on their interests, aptitudes and abilities. Employment settings vary widely and include office clerical, customer service, automotive/mechanical, retail, security, helping professions and trades and manufacturing.

Who uses our Services?

CAES serves adults with disabilities or multiple barriers to employment, who require support with finding & maintaining employment.

The program services are funded by various departments of the provincial and federal governments. These government departments specify details around service eligibility. CAES encourages prospective clients and advocates to fill out a CAES Referral form and to make inquiry about individual eligibility for services via e-mail or phone.

Service ‘Path’

Upon receiving a referral, CAES will respond to the applicant within two weeks to confirm eligibility and arrange to meet with the applicant, exchange information and determine the ability of CAES to meet their employment goals.

If CAES is able to serve the individual, a Career Consultant will begin working with them immediately to help them prepare for their job search.

(In the event that CAES is unable to meet the Individual’s needs with the resources available, a letter / communiqué and summary of recommendations will be provided to the referral source.)

Subsequent to any required career exploration and employment preparation activities / services, clients will meet with a Diversity and Engagement Consultant to confirm and discuss their job choices. The Diversity and Engagement Consultant may then begin searching on behalf of the client in order to secure job interviews according to the client’s interests. (Clients will be expected to be involved in job search, and all interviews which arise.)

During the marketing process, the client may wish to access other employment services through CAES such as Career Exploration Groups, Employment Workshops, resource assistance, etc.

If support is required with job training, this can be facilitated by CAES at the work site. It will be necessary for clients to develop a degree of independence, and become able to rely on natural supports at their workplace.

Clients and employers may rely on our ongoing follow-up and support with regard to any required consultation, re-training, and / or mediation.


Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • PDD Service Eligible – or,
  • at least 18 years old, self identify as having a permanent disability, and not eligible for employment insurance
  • unemployed or underemployed


  • should be essentially work-ready and expressing a desire for employment
  • should have the stamina and stability to be able to maintain a minimum of part-time employment

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund.

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