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Creative Community Living Activities

Who Are We?
Creative Community Living Activities (CCLA) is a community-based therapeutic day program for adults living with severe and persistent mental illness.

CCLA provides a variety of groups that give participants the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities in a supportive, compassionate and safe environment.  In our atmosphere of inclusivity and understanding, everyone is accepted and validated for who they are.

Ongoing assessment, one-on-one counselling, and crisis intervention are provided by our experienced and dedicated staff. When appropriate and necessary, staff will connect and collaborate with members of the participants’ support network to provide information and ensure consistency of care.

One of the most important aspects of CCLA is the long-term nature of our program. Participants are encouraged and supported to participate as long as they continue to benefit from the program. This enables participants to develop high levels of trust with both the staff and peers which allows them to feel safe discussing important matters in their lives. Ultimately, this leads to a strong sense of community, a strong peer support component and the possibility of friendships. In addition, participants feel comfortable contributing to the development of the program which results in a feeling of ownership and belonging. Staff model and teach supportive interpersonal interactions giving participants the opportunity to learn and practice these skills.

Contact Details

Program Director
Mylaine Tsaprailis

Suite 240 – 815 8th Ave SW
Calgary Alberta
T2P 3P2

Phone: 403.264.1377
Fax: 403.264.1377

Email us using our contact form.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to improve participants quality of life by providing an opportunity to develop friendships and community. This results in overall improved wellness and reduced hospitalizations.

Eligibility Criteria

People 30+ years of age with cognitive suitability who have a history of severe and persistent mental illness. These people have a need for support and reduced isolation and a desire to be part of a close supportive community.

Group Descriptions

Craft Group:
A variety of craft and art projects using many different mediums are provided. Participants are encouraged to explore their creativity and develop new interests and skills. Participants often help one another with their projects and share their knowledge, providing emotional and practical support.

Leisure Group:
Participants enjoy a variety of community outings with a group of peers. Planning their outings is an important shared responsibility and takes into consideration the needs of all participants.

Seniors Group:
Various activities such as outings and discussions are provided in a relaxed 55+ environment. Subjects specific to this age group are addressed.

Wellness Group:
Wellness and community topics are explored through videos, articles and discussions in a structured group. Participants are encouraged to suggest topics that affect them or the people around them.

Coffee Group:
Listening and sharing is an important part of building meaningful relationships. This group enables participants to improve their social skills in a supportive atmosphere. They feel comfortable discussing matters affecting their daily lives and the world around them.

CCLA is funded by Alberta Health Services Addiction and Mental Health – Calgary Zone

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