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CASS 2022-2024 Strategic/Sustainability Plan

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The CASS Senior Leadership Team held a two day strategic planning session in early March 2022 where we reviewed the CASS 2022 Employee Engagement Survey, the 2021-2022 Strategic Plan, and our progress to date towards the implementation of that plan.

In addition to the above, the strategic plan for 2022-2024 was informed by input provided by our departments/programs, committees, staff, clients and other stakeholders. Your input was critical in the development of this plan and is greatly appreciated.

This year we engaged with an external consultant in support of our strategic planning and we explored a new take on non-profit strategic planning. Rather than focusing on strategy, this time around we have made an intentional shift to focus more on sustainability.

As part of our strategic/sustainability planning we have developed a new Purpose Statement to replace our existing Vision, Mission and Mandate. We also developed a new set of values. Our new purpose statement and values are as follows:

Purpose:  ‘Facilitating connections and opportunities that promote personal value, engagement, and inclusive communities.


Determination of Self
Natural Supports
Trauma Informed
You Matter

We hope that you are as pleased and excited by these updates as we are. The CASS Senior Leadership team believes that replacing our Vision, Mission, and Mandate with a single purpose statement, and updating our values from 11 to 7 will help to make both simpler, more memorable, and better aligned with the important work that we do.

Following that work, the CASS Senior Leadership Team identified five organizational health pillars to help inform our sustainability plan.

We then determined what we felt the ideal CASS looked like and proceeded to identify annual and ongoing required outcomes related to our organizational health pillars that will result in us meeting that ideal.

We encourage you to review the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan (which is linked to at the bottom of this post) and welcome any thoughts or comments that you might have. You can share your input by sending an email to

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