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CASS Client Advisory Council is looking for New MEMBERS!

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CASS has been helping people with disabilities make community connections for more than 35 years. CASS provides support to people to live, work, learn, and contribute their unique strengths and talents to our community.

Getting help with living, working, and connecting with others has its up and downs. Sometimes things work out great – like moving in to a safe place with a roommate who can help with grocery shopping, getting to medical appointments, and making sure there’s money left at the end of the month. Sometimes, things can be more difficult – like finding a place to live that’s affordable, dealing with staff changes, conflict at a job, or not having people to hang out with.

CASS wants to hear from the people we serve – about what is working for them, and what could be better – about the programs we offer. Whether you are receiving residential, day program, employment, or case management assistance from CASS, we’d like to hear what you think about it.

Every couple of months, we hold a meeting called the Client Advisory Council meeting. At this meeting, people talk about their services at CASS and share what is going well and not so well for them. People can share ideas for improving services. Sometimes this conversation leads to talking about issues within our Calgary community, like affordable housing, AISH, or employment for people with disabilities. It is good to have people to talk to about these things, because we can share our struggles and come up with solutions together.

The Client Advisory Council can provide you with:

  1. A place to meet other clients of CASS
  2. A time to share what is on your mind and ideas you have for improving CASS programs
  3. A time to hear what is going on in the Calgary community and how you may be affected
  4. A time to brainstorm resources, ideas, and solutions
  5. A way to have influence over the systems and services that serve people with disabilities

We would love to have you join us at our next meeting, January 31st at 11 a.m. We hold our meetings at the CASS Main Office, Suite 310 – 525 – 28th Street SE, Calgary AB. Our meetings are informal and snacks are served. Feel free to email for more information.

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