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Below is a summary of all recent news postings here at CASS.

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Post date: 2012/04/27 - 13:21

CASS is excited to announce a new readership contest.

At some point in the near future, and going forward you may notice a request to send an email to from your email address for a chance to win a prize.

These requests may be found on the CASS website, in the CASS newsletter, or possibly in an email in your inbox so be sure to check all three regularly to maximize your chances to win!

If you need assistance accessing your CASS email account, please call for assistance or email Human Resources.

Post date: 2012/04/24 - 11:58

CASS is pleased to announce that Mylaine Tsaprailis will begin as the new CARS Program Manager on May 14th. Aaron Semkuley will be moving to a new management position and will no longer be part of the CARS team. Congratulations to everyone!

Post date: 2012/04/24 - 08:16

The May CASS Corner includes lots of new training dates as well as a list of the policy and procedure manual changes and updates!


Post date: 2012/04/24 - 08:12

The CASS Corner has a NEW LOOK!!

CADO's Joni is now our Newsletter Editor-in-Chief! Joni's first act as editor is to find a new name for the paper! Ideas can be submitted to by Friday, May 11th. There will be a prize for the winner!

Post date: 2012/04/21 - 11:46

CASS is pleased to announce that we have published a new version of the CASS Policy & Procedure Manual. The newest version includes changes necessitated by our accreditation body CET, as well as changes made to more accurately reflect our current, and best practices.

All CASS staff, sub-contractors, and respite providers must familiarize themselves with the changes and sign a new Confirmation of Understanding Form* indicating that they have read and understand the latest published version of the Policy and Procedure Manual.

Unlike our last revision (published January 6th 2012), this is not a comprehensive overhaul and assuming you have read the Policy & Procedure Manual since then, you will not be required to read it in its entirety. Instead you will need to read only the sections that have changed since January 6th 2012, namely:

  • MANDATE -> reworded to allow for the support of a less restricted population
  • POLICY 200.08 - Business Continuity & Emergency Response Planning -> brand new policy
  • POLICY 305.01 - Addressing Unanticipated Situations or Behaviours of Concern -> new protocols
  • POLICY 305.02 - Planned Positive Procedures -> new protocols
  • POLICY 305.03 - Planned Restrictive Procedures -> new protocols
  • POLICY 308.05 - Client Medication Administration (Non-Prescription) -> brand new policy
  • SECTION 400 - Personnel Services -> new pre-amble
  • SECTION 401 - Professional Development -> new pre-amble
  • POLICY 401.01 - Professional Development, Training and Mentorship  -> new protocols
  • POLICY 401.02 - Mandatory Training -> completely re-written
  • POLICY 401.03 - Mentorship and Coaching  -> new protocols
  • POLICY 500.06 - Information Dissemination -> added Protocol 5
  • POLICY 500.07 - Mass Communications -> brand new policy
  • POLICY 503.01 - Termination of Employment by an Employee  -> new protocols
  • POLICY 503.05 - Termination without Notice ('Just' Cause) -> updated protocols
  • POLICY 504.07 - Journey Management -> updated to refer to new Journey Management Form

Attached to the bottom of this news post is a document that contains only those sections of the CASS Policy & Procedure Manual which have changed since January 6th 2012.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact the Policy & Procedure Committee at or your supervisor, we are always interested in hearing your feedback.

The CASS Policy & Procedure Committee


*The CASS Confirmation of Understanding Form can be found on the Forms and Documents page after logging in to the CASS website with your staff username and password. If you cannot remember your password for this website, please use the "Request new Password" form available on the login page to have an email sent to your CASS Email address with instructions on how to proceed. Please contact CASS Human Resources if you can't remember your CASS Email password.

Post date: 2012/04/10 - 12:47

CASS is happy to announce that we have made reference material related to our Abuse Awareness Training available online including a video for client education.

You can find this reference material available under the Training heading in the website navigation, or by clicking here

Post date: 2012/04/07 - 13:39

The CASS website will be down for maintenance this evening (Saturday April the 7th, 2012) between 7pm and 9pm. It is very likely that all active sessions will be terminated and you will have to log in again after maitenance is complete (assuming you have an account on this website).

Sorry for any inconvenience, but with a little luck the result should be a small but noticeable improvement in page load times, and we will be even more secure than we already are!

Post date: 2012/04/04 - 17:14

The CASS website will be down for maintenance tonight (Wednesday April 4th 2012) between 7:30pm and 8:30pm

Sorry for the short notice and any inconvenience.

Post date: 2012/04/03 - 10:35

Basic Cooking Class – Session 8

May 2 to June 20, 2012
9:30am - 11:30am at Co-Op Midtown Market - 1130 11 Ave SW
Cost: $55 (includes all materials)

This class will address the importance of basic cooking skills. We will be learning about proper food handling, storage and labeling. We also work towards understanding what it means to have a healthy balanced diet, and how to make healthy choices on a budget.

AND, most importantly, we will learn how to cook!!!
It is important for everyone to know that having independence in the kitchen is a responsibility, and to ensure that we have the knowledge, skills and tools to make sure it is a great experience each and every time.

Our fabulous instructor, Steve, is back with some new, fun curriculum to teach us how to make some delicious, everyday, and not-so-everyday, dishes.

The Basic Cooking class is now taking registrations for the eighth session.  Individuals from all agencies and their support staff are welcome. Payment is due prior to May 2, and can be made in person, by cash or cheque.  In the past this course has filled to capacity quickly so if you are interested please contact Crystal at 283-0611 ext 304 or by email:

Post date: 2012/03/26 - 14:20

We have some WINNERS!! Be sure and read April's CASS Corner - some CASS Olympians medalled in Saint Albert!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants!