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Below is a summary of all recent news postings here at CASS.

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Post date: 2010/06/01 - 01:00

Check out the June edition of our monthly newsletter for a summary of what's new at CASS this month.

Post date: 2010/04/23 - 10:45

Exciting news for all CASS staff and clients:

A few years ago CASS created a cookbook which was used to raise money for our Clients for Christmas baskets.  This cookbook was created by CASS staff, clients, and family members. The cookbook was a huge success and holds many recipes dear to both staff and clients. .................and yes you guessed right ………………………………………………it is time for the

  All proceeds will be put towards
“Holiday” baskets that will be created for some of our
CASS clientele for the 2010 season.
Remember a cookbook is a great way to say" I love you” and
“Happy  Labour Day”

To order copies of the CASS Community Cookbook for yourself, or for a GREAT gift for
Someone – please contact Tara at the front desk you may purchase books at the following costs:
One book for $10.00
Two for $15.00

Post date: 2010/04/22 - 11:26

CASS is participating in a Community Resource Fair at the Centre Street Church. The CARS, CADO and CAES programs will be in attendance as exhibitors.Our exhibit booth will be open from 3 pm to 4pm and also from 6pm to 7pm. The Resource Fair requires no admission to attend.


Centre Street Church

3900 2nd Street NE, Calgary

May 28th, 2010

Other Details About This Event:




The Abilities Church is the first fully inclusive church for  the whole family and community. Abilities is a place where  people from all denominational,social,economic,cultural
and developmental backgrounds can worship and minister together.The Abilities church is not a ‘disabled’ ministry but  an inclusion ministry for the whole community.Our goal is
to maintain a 50% balance between people with and without visible disabilities.


NICK VUJICIC Born without limbs,and lacking any clear medical explanation for his  condition,Nick has pursued life’s greater purpose in order to impact the
world.Nick has had to persevere through a maze of life circumstances that  to most would seem nearly insurmountable,yet he’s emerged from these  adversities not only triumphant,but desirous to impart the tremendous insights he has learned.Meeting him,obstacles dissipate,allowing his distinct and motivational message of hope to reach thousands,one heart
at a time."

These Three Events are affiliated with The Community Resource Fair on this date:

No Limbs to No Limits, and Evening with Nick Vujicic

The Community Resource Fair

Luncheon for Including People with Disabilities in the Life of the Church

For more details and times, and ticket pricing for advance purchase for events, please go to the Centre Street Church website, Events Page.

Post date: 2010/03/07 - 19:39

As you may have noticed, has a new look.

Every CASS employee will receive a personalized account for the new website. If you haven't received your account information via your email address yet, you will soon. In the meantime, if you need to access your webmail account, just go to there's no need to log in to the website first.

This new website should do everything the old one did and much more, including the tracking of your training requirements for your position(s).

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact me using this website's private message system or the contact page.


Post date: 2009/12/16 - 14:41

It looks like PDD is pushing funding cuts to service providers. I wouldn't want to tell you what to do but there is a list of all the MLA's in the province and there e-mail accounts so if you would like to talk with them they are available to you and you can explain what the cuts actually mean.

See the attached documents for more information.

Post date: 2009/12/16 - 13:46

It's been a long time coming but the new CASS website has finally been launched to CASS office staff for round of internal testing.

Please take some time to explore the functionality of the site and let me know what you think. If all goes well I plan to launch the website publically in mid January.